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Here the privacy policy of has been drafted carefully so that you can have glimpse of how we handle your details that you provide to us. We will take utmost care to keep your data safe and secure with us and out from the reach of illegitimate lenders. Our privacy is our prime concern and we will include advanced features to ensure a complete secured environment for you. We should also be extra more careful while accessing online and for that just pay attention to our policies.

At unemployed loans you will never be compelled to share your details if for informational purpose you are here. Your identity will be kept anonymous and you can browse the required details without any hesitation. So, only when you are ready to apply here with us, an online application should be filled and send to us by you.

While using unemployed loans you must know there are two kinds of details that are collected from you. We will need both personally identifiable details and non personally identifiable details for different purposes.

The details that should be included in the online application are your name, your physical address, your social security number, your telephone number, your email address, your citizenship status, your employment details, your date of birth, information about home ownership, your checking account details etc. These are basically personally identifiable details which we will directly get from you. While sharing some news about promotional deals, upcoming offers etc we can easily get in touch with you using these contact information of yours.

As non personally identifiable details we will assess your browsing history. In short we will get information about IP address of your computer, browser type and language, access time, others sites that you visit apart from our site etc. Besides, to upgrade our website performances we will collect these details which will surely not carry your personal information.

We want you to know that cookies will also be serving the same purpose for us. However cookies can be controlled or deleted if you don’t want cookies at your browser. In this case you can easily switch the settings of the browser to allow or deny cookies.

We have also included third party links at our site unemployed loans. But these are separate entity and work on different principles. We may visit them at own risk.Our privacy policies are meant to change. So, we would request you to keep timely update about our site by regularly checking our policies.

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